Battery Charging Solutions



Battery Charging Solutions
Z8 Encore! 8-Bit Microcontrollers


Zilog’s Z8 Encore! XP® Flash Microcontrollers integrate numerous functionalities for intelligent battery charging applications. Add the free development tool suite of ZDSII and you have a complete embedded control solution. Z8 Encore! XP® provides adaptive charging with automatic switch over from a constant current charge to a constant voltage mechanism and delta-V or peak-V termination methods. This is controlled by a feedback loop using the PWM output of the 16-bit multi-mode timer and the high resolution Sigma/Delta ADC, which continuously monitors both the output voltage and current of the DC-DC converter and battery current.


The Z8 Encore! XP® can perform additional tasks, such as communication, control, status/event logging and system monitoring. The extra PWM can be used to drive a DC motor with over-current protection provided by the on-chip comparator. Interface to external sensors with the high resolution Sigma/Delta ADC (which support differential inputs and chopping). Use the 8-pin device for dedicated battery charging applications or select from SOIC and SSOP 8/ 20 or 28-pin packages to optimize your design.


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F082A Series Product Information

F08xA Series Product Brief (PB0159)

F082A Series Product Specification (PS0228)

F082A Series User Manual (UM0186)

F082A Series Development Kit

F082A Series Schematic Diagrams


F64xx Series Product Information

F64xx Series Product Brief (PB0124)

F64xx Series Product Specification (PS0199)

F64xx Series User Manual (UM0151)

F64xx Series Development Kit

F64xx Series Schematic Diagrams


ZDSII Development Tools

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Reference Designs, Application Notes & Source Code

Develop with Z8F082A Series MCUs

Buck Converter Battery Charger Reference Design (RD0013, RD0013-SC01)

A Simple Console Application for Z8 Encore! XP MCUs (AN0342AN0342-SC01)
AES 128-Bit Implementation with Z8 Encore! XP Microcontrollers (AN0338AN0338-SC01AN0338-SC02)
Boot Loader for the Z8F082A and Z8F1680 MCUs (AN0328AN0328-SC01)
•  Z8 Encore! XP-Based UPS Battery Charger (AN0306AN0306-SC01)
Z8 Encore!-Based SLA Battery Charger (AN0223AN0223-SC01)
Z8 Encore! XP-Based NiMH Battery Charger (AN0222AN0222-SC01)
Z8 Encore! XP-Based NiCd Battery Charger (AN0221AN0221-SC01)
•  Z8 Encore! XP-Based Lithium Ion Battery Charger (AN0218AN0218-SC01)

Develop with Z8F64xx Series MCUs
Performing Data Conversions Using Z8F64xx Series MCUs (AN0352AN0352-SC01)
A Simple Console Application for Z8 Encore! XP MCUs (AN0342AN0342-SC01)
DTMF Signal Detection Using Z8 Encore! XP F64xx Series MCUs (AN0335, AN0335-SC01)
•  Generating DTMF Tones Using Z8 Encore! MCU (AN0248)
•  Z8 Encore!-Based Battery Charger (AN0137AN0137-SC01)
Z8 Encore! XP® Z8F082A Series Features and Benefits
•  High Performance 20MHz eZ8 CPU Core
•  1KB to 8KB Flash Program Memory
•  256B to 1KB of Register RAM
•  Up to 128B of NVDS
•  Internal 5.53MHz +/-2% Oscillator with Fail-Safe
•  On-Chip Temperature Sensor
•  Analog Comparator
•  Low-Power Operational Amplifier
•  Two 16-Bit Multi-Mode Timers
•  Full-Duplex UART with 9-Bit Mode & IrDA
•  Direct LED Drive with Programmable CC
•  Up to 8 Channels of Sigma/Delta ADC
•  Single-Pin On-Chip Debugger
•  Watchdog Timer
•  Operation from 2.7V to 3.6V
•  Extended and standard temperature versions
•  8-, 20-, and 28-pin packages with up to 25 GPIOs
Z8 Encore! XP Z8F082A Series Block Diagram




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