F1680 Series Low Voltage/Low Power Solutions





F1680 Series Block Diagram


Reference Designs, Application Notes and Source Code


Reference Designs

Z8F2480 Power Monitor with eZ80F91 Webserver (RD0027, RD0027-SC01) 
Control a Microstepper Motor with the Z8F1680 MCU (RD0004, RD0004-SC01) 

Application Notes

Implementing MIDI Using the Z8F1680 MCU (AN0350, AN0350-SC01)
A Nonblocking UART for Z8 Encore! MCUs (AN0349, AN0349-SC01)
Develop a Dallas 1-Wire Master Using the Z8F1680 Series of MCUs (AN0331, AN0331-SC01)
Boot Loader for the Z8F082A and Z8F1680 MCUs (AN0328, AN0328-SC01)
Enabling Low Power Modes with the Z8 Encore! XP F1680 Series MCU (AN0313, AN0313-SC01)
Getting Started with ESPI Interface Using the F1680 MCU (AN0273, AN0273-SC01)
Z8 Encore! XP F1680 Microstepping Controller (AN0272, AN0272-SC01)

F1680 Series Features and Benefits
•  High-performance 20MHz eZ8® CPU core
•  1.8V to 3.6V operating voltage range (standard and extended temperature)
•  8KB to 24KB Flash memory
•  2KB to 3KB register RAM including 1KB assignable as low-power program RAM
•  Up to 256 bytes Non-Volatile Data Storage (NVDS)
•  On-chip temperature sensor
•  Low-power op amp and two analog comparators
7/8-channel, 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) with fast 4.9µs conversion time
Three independent 16-bit multi-mode timers supporting 13 modes including PWM and Demodulation
4-channel 16-bit Capture/Compare/PWM timer block
Up to 37 general-purpose I/Os (depending on package)
Watchdog Timer (WDT), Power-On Reset (POR), Voltage Brown-Out (VBO)
On-chip programmable Low Voltage Detection (LVD)
Full-duplex ESPI, I2C, and two LIN UART ports
Peripheral power management for analog blocks
Built-in internal precision oscillator (IPO) with programmable output from 43.2KHz to 11MHz
•  Support for external 32KHz oscillator
•  Single-pin, on-chip debugger (OCD)
•  Available in 20- & 28-pin SOIC, 20- & 28-pin SSOP, 40-pin PDIP, 44-pin LQFP and 44-pin QFN packages




Low Voltage and Low Power Solutions with F1680 Series Microcontrollers


Zilog's F1680 Series of Flash Microcontrollers are ideal for Low Voltage and Low Power Applications. The 1.8V to 3.6V operating range provides optimal operation from two 1.5V battery cells. These Z8 Encore! XP devices are based on the popular eZ8 CPU core and feature highly integrated analog and digital peripheral functionality optimized for the touch screen panel and motor control markets. The F1680 Series of Flash microcontrollers supports 1.8–3.6 V operation with very low Active, Halt, and Stop Mode currents and many power-saving features.


F1680 Series


Zilog’s F1680 Series devices tie together key peripherals to offer a solid solution for those looking for a device that can accommodate such features as capacitive and resistive sensing, touchscreen functionality, backlit control, panel control, and temperature compensation. Additionally, the F1680 Series incorporates a best-in-class feature set that is optimized for stepper motor/microstepping control, making it an excellent product of choice for applications that require both touch screen and step motor functionality. 



This fully integrated, single-chip solution helps simplify your overall system design, afford a better system Bill of Materials (BOM) cost, and allows a fast time-to-market advantage over competing solutions. The F1680 Series is also a full drop-in/pin-compatible replacement to any existing Z8 Encore! XP 20- or 28-pin device. 



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